Monday, December 6, 2010

First World Computer Championship,Stockholm,Sweden,August 5th-8th 1974

The first World Computer Championship took place as part of the 1974 conference of the International Federation for Information Processing,in Stockholm.The World Championship contest have provided,among other things,an ideal forum in which to match talents of chess programmers in the Eastern bloc with those in the West. When the first event took place in 1974,very little was known about computer chess in the USSR,even though chess itself had been the most popular game there for the decade.The 1974 World Computer Championship was dominated by the presence of the Russian program Kaissa,which won the event after much excitement.

  1. Kaissa  (USSR)                               4.0 points
    2.  Chess 4.0  (USA)                             3.0.
    3.  Ribbit    (Canada)                             3.0
    4.  Chaos   (USA)                                 3.0
    5.  Tech II  (USA)                                  2
    6.  Ostrich   (USA)                                 2
    7.  Frantz  (Austria)                                2
    8.  Master  (England)                             2
    9.  Beal    (England)                               2
  10.  Freedom   (Norway)                         1.5
  11.  Tell      (Switzerland)                         1.5
  12.  A16CHS   (England)                         1.0
  13.  Papa     (Hungary)                             1.0

Chess 4.0 and Ribbit finished ahead of Chaos on tie-break. These two programs played off for second place,and the playoff game was won by Chess 4.0.

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