Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Aeroflot Chess Round 2: Filipino chessers stays unbeaten!

Filipino players,led by GM's John Paul Gomez , Darwin Laylo and IM Oliver Dimakiling join seven others including five Russians with perfect scores of two points  after the first two rounds of the 2011 Aeroflot  Chess Tournament.John Paul Gomez defeated Russian's
GM Arseny Alavkin in the first round and FM Azat Sharafiev in the second round.Darwin Laylo won against Russian's IM's Anatoly Kremenietsky and Nikolai Shukh. IM Oliver Dimakiling beat Antoine Berure of Canada in the 1st round and  GM Vasif Durarbeyli of Azerbaijan in the 2nd round.  Also with two points were Russians FM Pogos Nakhapetiane, IM Eduard Kanter, GM Alexei Gravilov, GM Aleksandr Karpatchev ; IM Eugenij Kaleqin and two Chinese GM Wen Yang and Zhao Xue.Two more Filipino chessers IM Richard Bitoon and Oliver Barbosa, who placed ninth in last week Moscow International Chess Festival Open led 23 other players with 1.5 points. Richard Bitoon won against WIM Viktoriya Tarasova in the 1st round and then drew withGM Tigran Kotanjian in the 2nd round while Barbosa  drew with Roman Oganisjn and won over Alexander Demanjiuk

Round 2 Standings

2.0 points  ----- GM John Paul Gomez (2527) PHI
                         GM Darwin Laylo (2518) PHI
                         GM Wen Yang (2509) CHN
                         FM Pogos Nakhapetiane (2469) RUS
                         GM Aleksandr Karpatchev (2474) RUS
                         IM Eduard Kanter  (2429) RUS
                         GM Alexei Gravilov (2484) RUS
                         IM Eugenij Kaleqin (2462) RUS
                         GM Zhao Xue (2494) CHN
                         IM Oliver Dimakiling (2432) PHI
1.5 points  -----IM Richard Bitoon (2461)PHI
                        IM Oliver Barbosa (2461) PHI
                        IM Kirill Kuderinov (2469) KAZ
                        GM Sharavdorj Dashzegve(2452) MGL
                        CM MikhaiL Antipov (2358) RUS
                               Suren Poghosian(2317) ARM
                        GM Alexei Iljushin (2527) RUS
                        IM Kirill Stupak (2527) BLR)
                        GM  Malikset Khachivan (2518) USA
                              Bayarsaikhan Gundavaa(2493) MGL
                         GM Nikolai Kavanov (2482) RUS
                         IM Alexey Reshetnikov (2478) RUS
                              Hovhannes Gabuzyan (2380) ARM
                              Yijie Lu (2311) CHN
                          GM Aleksandr Shimanov (2520) RUS
                          IM Andrey Stukopin (2462) RUS
                               Aljoscha Feuerstack (2404) GER
                          IM Sergey Pavlov (2530) UKR
                          GM  Yaacob Zilberman (2468) ISR
                          IM Jop Delemarre (2455) NED
                               Vasiliy Korchmar (2216) RUS
                           GM Dorian Rogozenco (2534) ROU
                           GM Tigran Kotanjian (2519) ARM
                                   Vladimir Belous (2497) RUS
                                   Dmitry Obolenskikh (2467) RUS

36-70 PLACE
1.0 POINTS--------

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