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19th SIGEMAN Chess Tournament Round 5: Three- way tie for first; King walk for Wesley beat Hector in 31 moves

Wesley So playing black won against Jonny Hector in 31 moves of a French Defense to share 1st-3rd place with Anish Giri and Hans Tikkanen at the end of the 19th Sigeman Chess Tournament. Hans Tikkanen held Anish Giri into a draw in 45 moves of a Gruenfeld Defense. Top seed Alexei Shirov finished 4th over all with 2.5 points after a last round draw with Nels Grandelius in only 24 moves of a Semi Slav defense. GM Wesley So the youngest players to achieve a 2600 rating in 2008 at the age of 15 escape the mating attack of Hector and threatens mate in one or a loss of a queen when Hector resigns.

Rank                                            Total Points    S.B.  Won games
1-3     Wesley So  (PHI)               3.0                 7.0       2
           Anish Giri  (NED)              3.0                 7.0       1
           Hans Tikkanen (SWE)       3.0                 7.0       1
4th      Alexei Shirov (ESP)           2.5            
5th      Nils Grandelius  (SWE)     2.0
6th      Jonny Hector  (SWE)        1.5

ROUND 5 Results
Jonny Hector         vs  Wesley So                  0   -   1    French Defense  31 moves
Nils Grandelius      vs   Alexei Shirov                 draw    Semi-Slav  ; 24 moves
Hans Tikkanen      vs  Anish Giri                       draw     Gruenfeld 45 moves

Grandelius mates Wesley So

Nils Grandelius of Sweden hands GM Wesley So the worst loss in his career by mating the Filipino champion in only 31 moves of a Nimzo-Indian Defense. Grandelius, the tailender in this six players single round robin system improves to 1.5 points while So stays at 2.0 points. Anish Giri and Hans Tikkanen now shares the lead both with 2.5 points with only one round remaining.  Anish Giri was held to a draw by Jonny Hector in a marathon 111 moves of a Slav Defense, both players had 1 rook + 2 pawns when draw was agreed.  Top seed Alexei Shirov  rook against Tikkanen bishop and 1pawn also ended in a draw in 68 moves of another Slav Defense

Round 4 Results
  Wesley So     vs      Nils Grandelous         0   -   1   Nimzo Indian 31 moves  
  Anish Giri       vs      Jonny Hector                 draw   Slav Defense   111 moves
  Alexei Shirov   vs     Hans Tikkanen              draw    Slav Defense   68 moves

Round 3  Results
Hans Tikkanen    vs   Wesley So                    draw     QGD   31 moves
Alexei Shirov       vs   Anish Giri                     draw     Bishops Opening  40 moves
Nils Grandelous   vs   Jonny Hector                draw      Semi- Slav ,101 moves

Wesley So,Anish Giri joins Tikkanen at the top after round 2
GM's Anish Giri of Nederlands and Wesley So of the Philippines both created a passed pawn  at e7 that decided the games. Anish ,the defending champion  won against GM Nils Grandelius of Sweden in 42 moves of an English Opening while So defeated top rank Alexei Shirov (2701) of Spain in 59 moves of a Queens Gambit Decline. GM Jonny Hector and GM Hans Tikkanen both from Sweden drew their game in  66 moves of a Sicilian Defense Taimanov. The 6 players Single Round Robin Tournament is being held at Malmo,Sweden using atime control of 2 hours/40 moves + 1 hour/20 moves + 30 minutes to finished the game.


1.5  pointers   -----    Anish Giri (2690) ; Wesley So (2667) ; Hans Tikkanen (2541)

1.0  pointers   -----    Alexei Shirov  (2701)

0.5  pointer    ----       Jonny Hector (2588)

0                    ----      Nils Grandelous (2547)

Round 1 Results

Wesley  So     ---   Anish Giri                 draw    Semi Slav  45 moves
Hans Tikkanen --    Nils Grandelous       1 - 0     Nimzo Indian 32 moves
Alexei Shirov    ---- Jonny Hector           1 - 0     Slav Defense  50 moves

Round  2  Results

Anish Giri      ---     Nils Grandelous         1 - 0    English Opening  42 moves
Wesley So     ----    Alexei Shirov            1 - 0     Q G D  59 moves
Jonny Hector  ---     Hans Tikkanen          draw    Sicilian Defense Taimanov Variation

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