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National Chess Federation of the Philippines1st Chairman’s Cup International Chess Championship and:Zone 3.3 Championships 2013 (Open and Women)

NCFP Chairman & President  Prospero Pichay

Starting rank list
No.   Name FED Rtg
1 GM BARBOSA Oliver  PHI 2574
2 GM ANTONIO Rogelio Jr  PHI 2541
3 GM PARAGUA Mark  PHI 2533
4 IM GUNDAVAA Bayarsaikhan  MGL 2522
5 GM GOMEZ John Paul  PHI 2520
6 IM NGUYEN Van Huy  VIE 2500
7 GM CAO Sang  VIE 2478
8 GM BAKRE Tejas  IND 2492
9 GM LAYLO Darwin  PHI 2491
10 GM TORRE Eugenio  PHI 2485
11 IM NGUYEN Duc Hoa  VIE 2481
12 IM DIMAKILING Oliver  PHI 2453
13 IM NOLTE Rolando  PHI 2453
14 GM VAKHIDOV Tahir  UZB 2452
15 GM BITOON Richard  PHI 2437
16 IM GARCIA Jan Emmanuel  PHI 2394
17 FM PASCUA Haridas  PHI 2386
18 IM RANOLA Yves  PHI 2373
19 FM MUNKHGAL Gombosuren  MGL 2372
20   TOLENTINO Rustum  PHI 2364
21   OLAY Edgar Reggie  PHI 2355
22 IM GARMA Chito  PHI 2326
23 FM SEGARRA Randy  PHI 2311
24   BITOON Jimson  PHI 2290
25 FM HABLA Jony  PHI 2279
26 FM TURQUEZA Mari Joseph  PHI 2255
27   MARIANO Nelson Iii  PHI 2251
28 FM YEE Soon Wei  BRU 2243
29 FM BERSAMINA Paulo  PHI 2206
30 IM PIMENTEL Joel  PHI 2174
31   BAGAMASBAD Efren  PHI 2174
32 WIM PERENA Catherine  PHI 2153
33   DUNGCA Ryan  PHI 2132
34   MEJIA Giovanni  PHI 2131
35   HJ Azahari Md Aliuddin  BRU 2099
36   AMGALANBAATAR Ravdanlkhumbuu  MGL 2097
37 CM NAZARIO Marc Christian  PHI 2087
38   FRAYNA Janelle Mae  PHI 2057
39   HJ Azahari Siti Nur Fatimah  BRU 2041
40 WFM JOSE Rulp Ylem  PHI 2026
41   FRONDA Jan Jodilyn  PHI 2026
42   DOCENA Jedara  PHI 2019
43   GALAS Bernadette  PHI 1996
44 CM GOUNDAR Sanmogam  FIJ 1942
45 WFM SAN DIEGO Marie Antoinette  PHI 1923
46   LIM Kian Hwa  MAS 1825
47   GONZALES Julius  PHI 1717
48   ABASOLO Silverio  PHI 0
49   CADIZ Arnolito  PHI 0
50   PAGENTE Adelardo  PHI 0

The National Chess Federation of the Philippines is pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st Chairman’s Cup International Chess Championship to be held at the Teachers Camp, Baguio City, Philippines on January 13 – 21, 2013.


Entry fee is free for Grandmasters and players with a FIDE Rating of 2500 and above.

For all other players based on the January 2013 FIDE Ratings list, the entry fee is as follows:

2450 – 2499:                      US$  25          or         P 1,100
2400 - 2449:                       US$  50          or         P 2,200
2300 - 2399:                       US$  75          or         P 3,300
2200 - 2299:                       US$100         or         P 4,400
2199 below                                    US$150         or         P 6,600

The deadline for registration is January 1, 2013.  Late entries will be accepted until January 5, 2012 with a late fee of $50.


All players and accompanying persons must pay a registration fee of $ 100.00.


Games will be played at the Teachers Camp, Baguio City, Philippines.


1. The 1st Chairmans Cup International Chess Tournament will be played over 9 rounds using the Swiss System.
2.  The time control shall be 90 minutes for the whole game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.
3.  The FIDE Laws of Chess shall apply, the tournament will be FIDE rated, and the Swiss Manager program shall be used for pairings.
4.   Draws are not allowed before the completion of Black’s 30th move unless by the repetition of position rule.


Jan 13            After 1200        :     Arrival
Jan 14                     1100        :                 Players Meeting      
            1400        :                  Opening Ceremony
                                  1500        :                 Round 1
Jan 15                     0930        :                 Round 2
                                 1600        :                  Round 3
Jan 16                     1500        :                  Round 4
Jan 17                     0930        :                 Round 5       
            1600        :                  Round 6
Jan 18                     1500        :                  Round 7
Jan 19                     1500        :                 Round 8                   
Jan 20                     0930        :                  Round 9
                                  1600        :                 Closing Ceremony             
Jan 21         Before 1200        :                Departure


Thirty Thousand U.S. Dollars (US$30,000) in cash prizes shall be awarded:

1st                                         US$ 6,000
2nd                                        US$ 4,000
3rd                                         US$ 3,000
4th                                         US$ 2,000
5th                                         US$ 1,500
6th-13th                                 US$ 1,000
14th                                      US$    900
15th                                      US$    800
16th                                       US$    700
17th                                      US$    600
18th-20th                              US$    500
21st-22th                               US$    300
23rd-24th                              US$    200

Cash prizes shall be shared equally among players with the same score. For trophies, ties will be decided by calculating the average rating of the 8 strongest opponents, then if still tied, the 7 strongest, and so on.


The organizer shall provide free full board and lodging during the tournament for the first 15 GMs>2500 on the December 2012 FIDE Rating List.

Other Grandmasters, International Masters and other titled players may be given free accommodation subject to availability.

 Zone 3.3 Championships 2013 (Open and Women)

The National Chess Federation of the Philippines has the honor to invite all Chess Federations in Zone 3.3 affiliated to FIDE to participate in the Zone 3.3 Zonal Championships 2013 for Open and Women 

Time Control:

The tournament shall be conducted as a Swiss System competition of 9 rounds and will be played according to FIDE regulations. The time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. The games shall be played with the DGT clocks.


The Swiss Manager program shall be used for the Championship. In the last round, players from the same federation who have more than 50% shall not be paired together. Draw offers are not allowed before Black’s 30th move.

Qualification for the World Championship

The top two in the Open Zonal shall qualify for the World Cup 2013 and the winner of the Women’s Zonal shall qualify for the Women’s World Championship.

Appeals Committee:

An Appeals Committee comprising 5 members and 2 reserves shall be elected from among the federations represented. Protests should be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter within an hour after the round with a refundable deposit of $100.

Tie Break:

In case of a tie for the qualifying place(s) for the World Cup, the following methods shall be used in the following order:
Where there is a tie between 2 players: the players shall draw lots for colors for the playoff match of 2 games. Each player shall be given 25 minutes with 10 seconds increment added after each move. The second game shall commence 10 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.
In case of a further tie, the players shall draw lots for colors and play 2 speed chess games with each player having 5 minutes and 10 seconds added after each move. If this results in a tie again, the players shall toss for colors for one Sudden death game. The player to win shall be the qualifier.

If there are more than two players tied for two qualifying places, the highest by tie break qualifies and the next two shall have a playoff match as described above. If there are more than two players tied for one qualifying place, the top two by tie break shall have a playoff match as described above to select the qualifier.

Ties shall be broken by the following tie break order:
a)      Direct Encounter if all tied players have met each other;
b)      Assuming at least 8 rated opponents, by average rating of 8 strongest rated opponents. If still tied, 7 strongest opponents, etc.
c)      Buccholz then Median System.


A total ofUS$5,000 in cash prizes shall be given as follows: Open $3,500 and Women $1,500
Open: 1st - US$1,000; 2nd – US$700, 3rd – US$500, 4th- US$400, 5th-US$300, 6th-US$ 200, 7th-US$200 & 8th-US$200
Women: 1st: US$500, 2nd – US$400, 3rd – US$300, 4th- US$200, 5th-US$100
Prizes shall be shared equally among tied players.

Jan 21                 after 1200 noon                    Arrival
Jan 22                          11:00                           Technical Meeting
15:30                           Opening Ceremony
1600                            Round 1
Jan 23                          1600                            Round 2
Jan 24                          1600                            Round 3 and Round 4
Jan 25                          1600                            Round 5         
Jan 26                          1600                            Round 6
Jan 27                          1600                            Round 7
Jan 28                          1600                            Round 8
Jan 29                          1000                            Round 9 + playoff
                                    1900                            Closing Ceremony
Jan 30               before 1200 noon                   Departure       

Entry Fee:

The registration fee is US$100 for each participant and each accompanying person including accreditation and transportation from the airport to the hotel.
In accordance with regulations, an entry fee of US$75 for the first player per federation and US$150 for extra players shall be paid by their National Federation to the Asian Chess Federation through the Organizing Committee.
The organizer shall provide free full board and lodging during the tournament for GMs > 2500 and WGMs > 2350 on the Jan 2013FIDE Rating List. One male and one female of CACDEC countries Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia will also be given free hospitality. Other players from the national federations can participate in this tournament upon payment for their board and lodging. All participants must stay in the official hotel, Character Hotel adjacent to the tournament hall. The cost is US$75 for single room and US$50 for twin/triple rooms including three meals.


Entry forms must be filled from the National Federations and returned to the organizer not later than 15th Dec 2012. This date is the registration deadline.Late registration shall bear a $50 fine.

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