Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011 Asian Individual Open Chess Championship Round 3: Good day for Pinoy chessers; Bu Xiangzhi, takes solo lead!

Filipino players won three  games and drawn two in the third round of the 2011 Asian Individual Open Chess Championship even as Bu Xiangzhi of China takes the solo leadership. GM Wesley So won against Sayed Alavi in 40 moves of a Catalan while Darwin Laylo defeated Jwan Bakr using the Modern Benoni in only 31 moves. GM John Paul Gomez playing black scored his first victory beating Rui Gao of China in 39 moves of a French Defense.IM Oliver Barbosa held
the higher rated Ehsan Ghaem Maghami into a draw in 40 moves of a Symmetrical English Opening while GM Mark Paragua and Al- Ali Hussein draw in56 moves of an Old Indian Defense.  Bu Xiangzhi won against Parimarjan Negi of India in 50 moves of a Queens Gambit Decline.

ROUND 3 Results

  1. Bu Xiangzhi  Negi Parimarjan     1-0  QGD ,50 moves
  2. Jamabayev Rinat  Yu Yangyi     draw Closed Catalan 45
  3. Sethuraman SP  Sasikiran Krishnan     0-1 Ruy Lopez 31
  4. Yu Ruiyuan  Harikrishna P     0-1 Four Knights 38 moves
  5. Ganguly Surya  Adhiban B     draw Semi-Slav 43 moves
  6. Zhou Weiqi  Megaranto Susanto     draw English Opening 59 moves
  7. Pourramezanali A  Cao Sang     1-0  French Defense 59
  8. Wen Yang  Ismagambetov Anuar     1-0 Open Catalan 54 moves
  9. So Wesley   Alavi Sayed     1-0 Open Catalan 40 moves
  10. Lu Shanglei   Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son     draw French Tarrasch 33
  11. Barbosa Oliver  Ghaem Maghami Ehsan     draw English 40 moves
  12. Gopal GN  Lou Yiping     draw QGD 64 moves
  13. Darini Pouria   Zhao Jun     0-1 Sicilian Najdorf 49
  14. Paragua Mark  Al-Ali Hussein      draw Old Indian Defense 56
  15. Wang Chen   Moradiabadi Elshan     draw Sicilian Defense 69
  16. Ahmadinia E    Kunte Abhijit     0-1 Sicilian Defense 54
  17. Laylo Darwin   Bakr Jwan     1-0 Modern Benoni 31 moves
  18. Sadeh Shahin   Dao Thien Hai     0-1 QPG, 47 moves
  19. Kasimdzhanov Rustam   Khademi Mohammad     1-0  Dutch  40
  20. Gao Rui   Gomez JohnPaul    0-1 French  39 moves
  21. Yang Kaiqi   Shyam Sundar     1-0  French Tarrasch 34 moves
  22. Debashis Das   Vaibhav Suri     1-0  English Opening
  23. Noroozi Omid   Hou Yifan     1-0 Symmetrical English 59 moves
  24. Viduth Santosh Gujrathi   Yang Ching Wei     1-0 Kings Indian  31 moves
  25. Arabi Saeid   Annageldyev Orazly     1-0 Modern Benoni 50 moves

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