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1.Assign a person the sole responsibility for organizing the chess tournament.He/she maybe given the title Chairman of the Organizing Committee.
2.The Chairman of the Organizing Committee should select the members of the Committee.
3.After consultation with his committee,the Chairman of the Organizing Committee should appoint a Tournament Director.
4.It would be advisable to check with the National Federation before appointing a Tournament Director.

The duties of the Organizing Committee are as follows:
1. To draw up a preliminary financial estimate of the funds needed to run the tournament.
2.To draw up and adopt the Rules and Regulations for the tournament.
3.To secure the tournament venue necessary paraphernalia and publicity for the tournament.
4.To identify the registration centers and announce the deadline for registration.
5.To appoint the Tournament Director,who will be responsible for the actual running of the chess tournament.
6. To settle all organizational problem which may arise during the preparation and in the actual course of the competition.
7.To draw up a final report at hthe end of the tournament for submission to the chairman of the organizing committee.
It is necessary to point out that the Organizing Committee assumes the responsibility for all the technical and financial matters.
After the Tournament Director is appointed,it is his responsibility to advise the Organizing Committee on technical matters.
The first duty of the Tournament Director is to check the Rules and Regulations of the competitions as well as the following items;
1. Eligibility
2. Tournament site and tournament schedule
3. Registration (How,Where,When, Cut-off and deadline
4. Tournament System
5. Tournament fees
6. Tie-breaks
7. Rate of play/ use of chess clocks
8. Chess recording
9. Prizes
10. Date of players meeting.
I t is necessary to hold a players meeting prior to the start of the tournament to give the Tournamnet Director a chance to explain the Rules and Regulations and avoid any disputes that may arise during the course of the tournament.
1. Project paper 1
2. Chess sets as needed
3. Chess boards as needed
4. Posters 20
5. Streamers 2
6. Registration forms as needed
7. Score sheets as needed
8. Trophies

2010 Malabon Blitz Tournament-Father & son dominate week 5

Submitted by manfrommanila on Mon, 02/01/2010 at 7:10pm.
National Arbiter Ernie Baltazar rules the Saturday edition while son Melwyn Kenneth top the Sunday edition of the 2010 Malabon Blitz Chess Tournament -Week 5 held January 30-31,2010 at the Hulong Duhat covered court,Malabon city.The 52-year old Baltazar,gold medallist in the 2007 National Rapid Chess Championship held in Caloocan city,went on an eight-game winning streak capped with a final round draw for 8.5 points.Baltazar became the oldest qualifier to the tournaments grand battle of weekly champions.He settled for a half-point in an exciting 60 moves draw of a Ruy Lopez duel in round 9 with Armando Miranda of Merville.Melwyn Kenneth Baltazar took 1st runner-up honors while Philippine College of Criminology board two player Joel Diaz wound up as 2nd runner-up.Ed Chu of Barangay Longos snatched 3rd runner-up honors while Mon de la Cruz of Catmon brought home 4th runner-up honors. In the Sunday edition Melwyn Kenneth Baltazar,2006 National Age Group under-10 champion ,booked seven wins in as many games to take the top slot.Ernie Baltazar emerged 1st runner-up while Roger Sebastian of Navotas city placed 2nd runner-up,Ed Chu was 3rd runner-up while Gerald Gonio of Hulong Duhat was 4th runner-up.

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