Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 DEP-ED Palarong Maynila Chess Tournament November 14-18,2011 Rules and Regulations

The FIDE laws of chess shall govern the tournament both  in elementary and secondary level in boys and girls.
1. Only players who have been properly screened and approved by the screening committee can play after submission of all requirements.
2. The mode  of competition shall be a single round robin. The team with the highest match point at the end of the competition will be declared champion.
3. The scoring shall be as follows:   a. a win    1 point   b. a draw  .5 point and  c. a loss  0 point.
4. The final ranking shall be decided by the number of match point. In case of tie, the following order shall be considered :\   a.  number of game points   b.  result of the match between the teams tied   c. In case the match is drawn, the tie shall be decided by the result of the game in Board 1.
5. From the team event, the best scores on each board  shall be the individual board champion.
Individual tiebreak :     a.  game results among the players  in the tie breaker.  b.  more wins as black    c.  number of won games      d.  more games as black

1.  Using the mobile phones inside the tournament area is strictly prohibited. The player whose mobile phone rings during the game loses by for forfeiture.
2.  All complains must be put in writing and decided before the start of the next round. The decision of the Arbiter shall be final on the point of law.
3.  The use of chess clock is mandatory. All participating schools are required to bring at least 4 chess clocks (functional) and 4 tournament size chess sets for their own use.
4.  Time control is ninety (90)  minutes to finish the game.
5.   The game is lost by default by the player who appears at the chess board sixty (60) minutes late and failed to make a move.
6.   Recording of games is compulsory. Each player must record his moves and that of his opponent in clear and legible manner.
7.  The decision of the Chief Arbiter is final.
8.   Only tournament officials and players whose games are in progress are allowed to stay in the tournament area.
9.   Players in obvious collusion with each other will be expelled from the tournament  and banned from future participations.
10.  Players are expected to maintain proper decorum during the tournament. If the player persist in disorderly conduct despite the oral warning from the arbiter, he or she will be expelled from the tournamentand the games will be forfeited.
11. The organizers also reserves the right to reject or accept entry of players without assigning any reasons.
The organizers also reserves the right to amend , alter or revoke provisions in the interest of the success of the tournament

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