Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 Baku Chess Olympiad IS IT FAIR OR UNFAIR

2016 Baku Chess Olympiad
1.Is it fair for Wesley So to win the Gold medal scoring 8.5 points /10 with a performance rating of 2896 on Board 3?
2.Is it unfair for Torre to win the bronze medal scoring 10/11 points but with a lower performance rating of 2836 on Board 3?
3.Is it unfair for Philippines Board 1 player GMJulio Catalino Sadorra and highest rated player to play only 8 games?
4. Is it unfair for GM John Paul Gomez to play 7 Black pieces in 10 games he played?
5. Is it fair for Torre to play all the 11 games , with 8 games playing the White pieces?
6. Is it unfair for GM Rogelio Barcenilla to play the Black pieces 8 times in 10 games ?
7.Is it unfair for our youngest player IM Paulo Bersamina to play only 5 games the whole tournament?
8.And lastly is it unfair that the Philippine team composed of 4 Grandmasters and 1 International master would only finished 58th overall?

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