Friday, January 7, 2011

How does one become a master?

There are no instant master or grandmasters.It will take about 10 years of intense preoccupation with the game for a person to reach grandmasters level.In a research the master would perhaps spent 10,000 to 50,000 hours staring at chess positions which are comparable to that of a highly literate people that have a reading vocabularies of 50,000 words or more. The master and grandmasters not only select good moves but they often than weak players notice these moves in the first few seconds after they look at a new positions.Having notice such a move,the master may continue to analyze the position before he is satisfied that it is the best moved and sometimes his analysis will show that his first impulse was wrong.But this ability to notice moves at a glance is always astonishing to lesser players. A master or grandmasters can beat player of inferior skills while taking only few seconds per move and playing simultaneously against many player.The question is how does one become a master in the first place? The answer is practice - thousands of hours of practice. Early in practice,these move sequence are arrived at slowly - "If i take that piecen then he take this piece......" but with practice,the initial condition is seen as a pattern,quickly and unconsciously and the plausible moves comes almost automatically. Practice also interacts with talents.

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