Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 National Age-Group Chess Championships: San Diego rules Girls-8 title; Mendoza cops Under-14

Three chess players descended on the Market Place Complex, Sta Rosa City,Laguna for the Girls-under 8 category of the 2012 National Age-Group Chess Championships on March 2-4,2012. Jerlyn Mae San Diego of Dasmarinas, Cavite, scored a perfect 4-0 in a double Round Robin system. Rheam Arah De Guzman scored two points and won the runner up honors while Joelynn Pineda finished 3rd.    In the Girls - Under 14 Category five players shows up and Shaina Mae Mendoza,who scored 3.5 points out of 4 won it. Second place went to Franchell Eds Javier, who scored 3 points in her first National age group tournament. Charlotte Britney Paez took the second runner-up honors. The tournament was originally going to be a Swiss, but was converted into a round robin because of low turnout .The tournament was organized by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines headed by its Chairman/President Prospero Pichay Jr and hosted by the City of Sta Rosa headed by Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas with the support of of City Sports Coordinator  Dennis Aquino and NCFP Region IV-A Coordinator Dr. Alfredo Paez. The champions in all 12 categories earn the right to represent the country in the forthcoming ASEAN + Age-Group Championships in Hue,Vietnam on June 10-20,2012 while the top five placers advance to the grand finals of the National Age Group Championships together with the qualifier from Visayas and Mindanao. Overall a total of 136 players including 55 girls and 81 boys join the 12 category chess tournament.

Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds
Rk. Name                                             1 2 3           Pts. 
1 SAN DIEGO Jerlyn Mae         PHI *** 1 1 1 1 4
2 DE GUZMAN Rheam Arah     PHI 0 0 *** 1 1 2
3 PINEDA Joellyn                      PHI 0 0 0 0 ***     0

Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds
Rk. Name                                                   Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 FAGON Romy                                 1838 PHI 10b1  5w½ 11b1  4w½  6b1 4
2 NAƑOLA Christian              1929 PHI 14b½ 18w1  9b1  3w1  5b½ 4
3 MEJIA Giovanni                      1992 PHI  6w1  9b½  4w1  2b0 10w1 3.5
4 DOCENA Jerad                             2097 PHI 13b1  7w1  3b0  1b½  9w1 3.5
5 EVANGELISTA Paul Robert 1914 PHI 15w1  1b½  8w½ 12b1  2w½ 3.5
6 MARGARITO John Eric         1802 PHI  3b0 14w1  7b1  8w1  1w0 3
7 CUNANAN Homel Aristotle 1838 PHI 16w1  4b0  6w0 14b1 12w1 3
8 DE GUZMAN Spencer               1757 PHI 18w1 11w½  5b½  6b0 16w1 3
9 CASTRO Jose Carlo                      1840 PHI 12b1  3w½  2w0 17b1  4b0 2.5
10 MONTALBAN Aide                           0 PHI  1w0 17b1 14w½ 11w1  3b0 2.5
11 ABUZO Charles Daniel           1840 PHI 17w1  8b½  1w0 10b0 15w1 2.5
12 LLAMAS Robin Josef              1682 PHI  9w0 15b1 13b1  5w0  7b0 2
13 KHEY Gintle                               1816 PHI  4w0 16b1 12w0 15b0 17w1 2
14 ABLID Jhon Peter                          1797 PHI  2w½  6b0 10b½  7w0 18w½ 1.5
15 ALCANTARA Maximo III            1758 PHI  5b0 12w0 16b½ 13w1 11b0 1.5
16 LLANTADA Kyz                      1672 PHI  7b0 13w0 15w½  18b1  8b0 1.5
17 FRONDA Jusmel Christian 1748 PHI 11b0 10w0 18b1  9w0 13b0 1
18 PEREZ Carl Angelo                1845 PHI  8b0  2b0 17w0 16w0 14b½ 0.5

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