Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 POC-PSC National Games Chess Event starts May 27 2013

The ceremonial move that start the 2013 PNG Chess event with PSC Commissioner Jolly Gomez and GM Eugene Torre

The top GM competing includes GM Mark Paragua and GM Joey Antonio

A. The tournament is open to all Filipino chess players (titled or untitled), BORN ON OR
BEFORE DECEMBER (16 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE), who may represent their
respective LGU’s.
B. Each LGU can be represented by any number of players in each category and division.
C. Compulsory participation of all members of the PSC National Pool for Chess (men and
women) is mandated.
A. The tournament shall be divided into following divisions and categories.
1. Open Division – players who are 21 years old and above
a. Men’s Category b. Women’s Category
2. Junior Division – players who are 16 – 20 years
a. Boys’ Category b. Girls’ Category
A. Competition shall be played in the following format:
1) Standard Chess – 90 min per player with 30 sec increment
2) Rapid Chess - 25 min per player with 10 sec increment
3) Blitz Chess - 5 min per player with 2 sec increment
B. The tournament shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess.
C. Time Control (Standard Chess) – each player shall be given 90 MINUTES (1½ HOURS)
with 30 SECONDS increment to make all the moves necessary to finish the game
D. Recording of Moves – recording of moves in Algebraic notation is mandatory.E. Tie-Breaks – the following tie-break systems, in descending order of priority, shall be
used to determine the final ranking of players after the competition:
1. Direct Encounter
2. Buccholz System
3. Median Buccholz
4. S.B. System
5. More number of wins
F. Defaulting Time – a player who arrives 60 minutes (one hour) after the official start of
each game shall be declared loser by default.
G. The use of mobile phone or any electronic means of communication is not allowed
during a game. A player who will violate the afore-mentioned rule shall lose his/her game
by forfeiture.
H. The starting rank of players shall be based on the latest NCFP Rating List.
May 27 – June 1, 2012
Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Auditorium
Sta Mesa, Manila
Champion - GOLD MEDAL
Runner-up - SILVER MEDAL
All category champions will be included as members of the PSC National Pool of
Athletes for Chess, subject to following conditions:
a) Men’s Division - 50 or more participants
b) Women’s Division - 40 or more participants

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