Sunday, December 19, 2010


The 2009 National Open Chess Championship was held in Victory Central Mall,Caloocan City from July2-9,2009. GM John Paul Gomez emerged winner ahead of GM Darwin Laylo and GM Rogelio Antonio Jr.The tournament saw the participation of 11 years old Melwyn Kenneth Baltazar in his first high level of competition. In the eight round he faced Robert Cacho, veteran of many national tournament. Melwyn Kenneth used only 50 minutes on this miniature. Kenneth found an interesting combination with a hidden sacrifice of the rook not only once but twice. Cacho tried  to complicate the game but to no avail.         Here is the score of the game           White: Robert Cacho  vs  Black: Melwyn Kenneth Baltazar       Round 8 2009 National Open.                             1.  d4  d5  2.  c4  e6  3.  Nc3  Nf6  4.  cxd5  exd5   5.  Bg5  Be7   6.  e3  c6   7. Bd3   Be6   8.  Qc2  h6   9.

Bh4  Nbd7   10.  Nf3   0-0   11.  0-0   Re8   12.  Rb1  a5   13.  a3  Bd6    14.  Na4   Qc7   15.  Rfc1  Bg4 16. Bg3  Bxf3   17.  gxf3  h5    18.  Nc5   Bxg3   19.  hxg3   Nxc5   20.  Qxc5   Rxe3   21.  Qc3  Re7 ( and run )  22.  Qd2   h4  23.  g4  Rae8  24.  Qg5   Re3   25.  Qf5  R(3) e5  26.  dxe5  R(3)xe5  27.  Re1    Rxf5   28.  Bxf5  Qf4     29.   Re3   d4    30.   Re7   g6    31.  Bd3  Qxf3    32.  Be2   Qf4   33.  f3  h3  34.  Kh1  d3  35. Resign     0:1

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