Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aeroflot 2011 Final Standings: Back to back title for Le Quang Liem !; Philippine's Darwin Laylo 2nd over-all in Group "B"

 Philippines IM Richard Bitoon; IM Oliver Dimakiling and GM Darwin Laylo, GM Laylo increased his Fide rating by 20 points with a 7/9 performance .Laylo finished 2nd over all.IM Richard Bitoon scored a respectable 5.5/9 to finished in 25th place. Its a 50% performance for IM Oliver Dimakiling as he finished with 4.5 points for 52nd place.

It's back to back title for Le Quang Liem of Vietnam as co-leader Ivan Cheparinov
of Bulgaria loss to Nikita Vitiugov of Russia in the final round of the 2011 Aeroflot Tournament"A".  Le battle Rauf Mamedov of Azerbaijan into  a draw in 36 moves of  Sicilian Defense,Najdorf  in 36 moves .

Vitiugov  took advantage of Cheperinov's weak 22nd and 23rd move ,winning a piece and the game 20 moves later. It's a three way tie for first as Evgeny Tomashevsky defeated Sanan Sjugirov in 41 moves of a Semi-Slav. A knight fork do the trick for Tomashevsky  winning the Knight and the game easily. After the tiebreak ,using the average rating of the opponents minus the highest and the lowest, Le Quang Liem emerges champion with a total of 2649.4 tie break points.2nd place went to Nikita Vitiugov with 2638.6 ; Evgeny Tomashevsky 3rd with 2630.6 tie break points. The three finished with 6.5 points. Seven players shares 4th to 10th place with 6.0 points and after the tie break Denis Khismatullin finished 4th ; Yu Yangyi of China finished 5th place ,the 16 year-old Yu Yangyi emerges as the top Junior player.Top seed Gata Kamsky of USA won against Ivan Vuckovic to increase his score to 6.0 points and finished 6th over-all.

In Group B, Philippine's Darwin Laylo defeated Alexei Gavrilov of Russia in the last round to finished in a three way tie for first, as the top two boards battle ended in a draw. Tigran Kotanjian and Nikolai Kabanov split the point in Board 1 while the board 2 game between FM Pogos Nakhapetiane and Dorian Rogozenko also ended in a draw. But after the tie break using the average of the opponents rating ; Tigrn Kotanjian emerges champion with 7.0 points and 2490.4 tie-break points. Darwin Laylo finished second also with 7 points and 2480.4 tie break points ; Laylo increased his FIDE rating by 20 points. Nikolai Kabanov of Russia finished 3rd with 7.0 points and 2441.7 tie break points.The three split the combined 19,500 euro according to Hort system. Dorian Rogozenko finished in a tie for 4th to 8th place with FM Pogos Nakapethiane; GM Wen Yang of China; Pavel Smirnov and Aleksei Pridorozhni with 6.5 points .The five splits the 6,050 euro. Alexei Gavrilov finished in a tie for 9th -12th place with 6.0 points also with the same scores were Bayarsaikhan Gundavaa of Mongolia; FM OvikHyarapetian of Armenia and Shanglei Lu of China . Filipino bet Richard Bitoon finished 25th over-all with 5.5 points while GM John Paul Gomez and Oliver Barbosa are in 29th- 47th place both with 5.0 points. IM Oliver Dimakilingis 52nd over all with 4.5 points.

In Group C  Junior player David Shahinyan of Armenia  finished with 7 wins and 2 draws to bag the title and the 3,500 euro top prize. Tigran Simonian defeated WFM Varvara Repina to finished solo second  with 7.5 points.He pocketed  2,300 euro. Eduard Barsamian of Russia  is in 3rd place with 7 points and receive 1,500 euro. Paulo Bersamina of the Philippines dropped his final round assignment against Bogdan Belyakov on board 5  to finished 22nd over-all with 5.5 points

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