Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FIDE Womens Grand Prix: Two Birds in one stone! Humpy Koneru makes it!!

Humpy Koneru of India caught up with Elina Danielan in the final round to win the title and overtake Nana Dzagnidze for the right to challenge Hou Yifan for the  World Womens Chess Championship.
Trailing by one half point tournament leader Elina Danielan, and Nana Dzagnidze by 66.7
Grand Prix points.For Koneru to take the title : 1st  Tournement leader Elina Danielan must be held to a draw by Antoaneta Stefanova,who was running 2nd to the last in the standing. 2nd  Humpy Koneru must beat former World  championWGM Zhu Chen and  3rd   Bathkuyag Munguntuul must beat GM Marie Sebag of France running second in the standings with 7 points. And the results; Antoaneta Stefanova  held Danielan to a draw in 28 moves of a Semi Slav ,as  a threefold repetition cannot be prevented while Humpy Koneru needed 49 moves of a Modern Benoni to beat Zhu Chen and  finished with 8.0 points the same score of Danielan. After the tie break Koneru took the titles with 41.75 against 40.25.  For the right to challenge for the World Womens title, if Sebag win, Dzagnidze is the challenger. And after 5hours of play Munguntuul won in 54 moves of a Sicilian Najdorf paving the way for Humpy Koneru the right to challenge Hou Yifan for the World Womens Chess Championship.

Final Standings

1st  Humpy Koneru               8.0 points       41.75
2nd Elina Danielan                 8.0                 40.25
3rd Marie Sebag                   7.0
4th Pia Cramling                    5.5                 30.5
5th Nana Dzagnidze              5.5                 29.75
6th Maya Chiburdanidze       5.5                 26.75
7th Bathkuyag Munguntuul    5.0                 25.75
8th Xu Yuhua                       5.0                  24.75
9th Lilit Mkrtchian                 4.5                  23.5
10th Martha Fierro                4.5                  21
11th Antoaneta Stefanova      4.0    
12th Zhu Chen                       3.5

World Womens Grand Prix  Final Standings:  The Fide Women Grand Prix is a 6 leg events spread over 2 years with 3 tournament every year. The over all winner receive  15,000 while leg winners receive 6,500

1st   Hou Yifan                          410 points
2nd  Humpy Koneru                  398.3 points
3rd  Nana Dzahnidze                 390 points
4th Tatiana Kosintseva              383.3
5th Elina Danielan                     358.3
6th Xue Zhao                           293.3
7th Yuhua Xu                           275
8th Marie Sebag                      270
9th Antoaneta Stefanova          268.3
10th Pia Cramling                    245


  1. Greetings!!
    100th International Womens Day

  2. Greetings!!
    100th International Womens Day


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