Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Thailand Open Chess Championship Round 6: Short grab solo lead !! Back to back draw for Nelson "Elo"Mariano III.

Nigel Short of England grab the solo leadership after six rounds of the 2011 Thailand Open,  as his opponent GM Win Lay Zaw suddenly gave a Knight for a pawn on the 45th move.
The end came two moves later. Top seed Francisco Pons Vallejo and Abhijit Kunte of India exchange three minor pieces on the early part of the game and a draw was agreed on the 21st move of a Sicilian Defense. Jan Gustafsson beat N.Sanjay in 58 moves of a King's Indian Defense to share 2nd - 6th place with 5.0 points. Draw against higher rated opponents , Nelson Mariano III of the Philippines now shares 19th - 38th place, 1.5 points behind the leader.Mariano drew his game with  14th seed FM Achim Illner (2353)of Germany and FM Shinya Kojima (2321) of Japan. 

Round 6 Standings

5.5 points ----- Short,Nigel

5.0 points ----- PonsVallejo,Francisco ;  Kunte,Abhijit ;  Gustafsson ; YangKaiqi ; Sriram,Jha

4.5 points ----   Hansen,Sune Berg ;  Hopman ,Pieter ; Schebler,Gerhard ; Illner,Achim  ;  Voigt,Martin ;   Murshed,Niaz ; Neubronner, Jarred ; Stokke,Kjetil ;  Illingworth,Max ;  Morris,James ; Zaw,WinLay

4.0 points ----   Mariano,Nelson III ; Romanov,Alexei ; Kojima,Shinya ;  Willemze,Thomas ;Saptarshi,Roy;
 L'Ami,Alina ;   Sanjay,N ;   Lahiri,Atanu ; Vospernik,Andrej ; Tuomala,Timo ;   Arvind,Shastry ; Myo,Naing ;  Contin Daniel ; Hou Qiang ; Abdumalik Zhansaya :    Teerapabpaisit,Wisuwat ;Sauravh ,Khherdekar ; Bakre,Tejas ; Swathi Ghate ;Topi-Hulmi,Teemu

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  1. Nelson Mariano III6:55 PM, April 29, 2011

    Nag blitz champion po ak dito sa bangkok ehehe chamba po ^_^


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