Sunday, October 30, 2011

Asian Amateur Open and Women ChessChampionship 2011

KUALA LUMPUR    25thNovember – 1st December 2011

1. Playing Schedule
The Championship will be held from 25thNovember to 1stDecember 2011
 Blitz Open (Open to all players)
 2. Playing Venue
The playing venue for the ASIAN Amateur Open and Women Chess Championship 2011
shall be at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur located on Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia.
3. System of Play
The tournament shall be played over 9 Rounds according to Swiss System Pairing. The
Swiss Manager software will be used to assist the Chief Arbiter to perform and execute the
pairing for each round

4. Rate of Play
The Rate of Play shall be 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move per player
starting from the first move.
5. Tie-Break System
The Tie-Break System used is as follows:
a. Personal Encounter b. Bucholz c. Median Bucholz
d. Sonnenborn-Berger
6. Playoff for Women and Unrated Players
Both the Women and Unrated players are entitled to win additional cash prizes for their
respective category.
The top 4 players in the Women and Unrated section shall play in a Championship style
knockout system to determine their position and the additional prizes that they are
entitled to. In the event that a player is entitled for both, the gender shall take priority
over the rating.
a. Players Draw:
Table 1: 1stPlayer against 4thPlayer
Table 2: 2ndPlayer against 3rdPlayer
Winner Table 1 to play with Winner Table 2 to determine the Champion/Runner Up
Loser Table 1 to play with Loser Table 2 to determine 3rd/4thplacing
b. Playing Format:
i. Each pair shall be required to play two blitz games each with a time control of
3 minutes plus 2 seconds increment per move per game
ii. Players will draw for colors before the start of the first game and will alternate
color for their second game.
iii. In the event of a tied score (i.e. 1-1), one sudden death playoff shall be
played. The player winning the draw shall choose the colors to play – White
shall have 6 minutes whilst Black only 5 minutes on the clock.
iv. Once the game passed the 60
th move, each player shall received 3 seconds
increment per move from the 61
st move onwards.
v. For the sudden death game, White must win whereas Black needs only a draw
to be declared the winner
vi. All games shall be played concurrent
c. Additional Rules
i. For the playoff games, players do not need to record their moves as the
Arbiter shall do it for them
ii. Player having the move can stop his clock to check on the score sheet ONLY if
he/she is claiming for a draw i.e. 3 fold repetitions or 50 moves rule, by
writing down the move that he/she intends to play to produce the draw
iii. If the claim is correct, the game shall be declared as a draw. For an incorrect
claim, 3 minutes shall be added to the opponent’s time.
iv. 3 incorrect claims shall result in a loss of the game for the claimant
v. Other details pertaining to the added Rules and Regulations for the playoff
shall be made known to the players before the game starts.

7. Conditions for Participation
The ASIAN Amateur Open and Women Championship are open to all Asian Amateur Open
and Women players who fulfilled the following conditions:
a. Player has a FIDE Rating below 2100 or without any FIDE Rating/Unrated
b. Player must not hold any current FIDE master title or have a published FIDE Rating of
2100 and above at the start of the tournament
c. Player should not have a published FIDE Rating of 2100 or above for at least 2 years
prior to the start of the event

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