Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tie break almost delay 89th NCAA awarding ceremony !

The 89th Season of the NCAA Chess Tournament ends last Sunday at the Letran College Basketball Gym. Tie break almost delay NCAA awarding ceremony !

The announcement of winners almost took a delay as International Arbiter Elias Lao Jr and the coaches of the players huddles to break the tie for the individual gold medalist in Board 4 of the Junior Division between Kzy Llantada of Arellano University and Joshov Alekhine Rosarda of Lyceum of the Philippine University as both finished with 15/18 for 83.3 %, same number of games, same number of victory. And now the last tie breaker , the number of games played with the Black pieces .The number of games with the black pieces are not in the computer program to break the tie so IA Elias Lao Jr call his deputy arbiter to write down the number of games played with the Black pieces from round 1 to round 18 for both players (mano- mano). In round 1 alone it almost took 5 to 10 minutes as they check , who plays white on board 1 and so on and so on . Both coaches must agree that the results was correct. It almost took them half an hour and only four rounds out of 18 rounds completed .And it might take 1 to 2 hours for them to know the winner. I also notice that the pairing program use was the Swiss Manager .
A little help from Philippine Blitz Chess Association Ernie Baltazar might speed up I told them to just pressed the name of the players involved in the players information and all the information including the number of games played with the Black will appear .....with a little hesitation IA Lao follows and voila!!! in just a few seconds , tie break solves , both players got 8 games with Black and both got the individual Board 4 gold medal ................and I ...I got a high five from Deputy Arbiter and FIDE Arbiter Lito Abril and watch the Colegio de San Juan de Letran Junior Squires and the San Sebastian Stags receives their Championship trophy.

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