Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 EUROPEAN INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Mixed) Final Standings : Potkin ;3 other shares title!

The 2011 European Individual Championship ended with Vladimir Potkin of Russia ;Radoslaw Wojtaszek of Poland ;
Judith Polgar  of Hungary and Alexander Moiseenko of Ukraine coming in tied for 1st - 4th place with a score of 8.5 points out of 11 games played. After the tie break Vladimir Potkin earned first place . Second place went to Radoslaw Wojtaszek while Judith Polgar emerged third place. Alexander Moiseenko finished fourth.The top twenty three players qualified for the World Cup. Since Potkin ,Mamedov and Peter Svidler already qualified, their place was occupied by Luke Mc Shane of England,Daniel Fridman of Germany and Alexander Motylev of Russia who finished 24th,25th and 26th place respectively.


8.5 pointer ------    Vladimir Potkin (RUS) ; Radoslaw Wojtaszek (POL) ; Judith Polgar (HUN) ; Alexander Moiseenko (RUS)

8.0 pointers ------   Vallejo Pons (ESP) ;  Markus Ragger (AUT) ; Sebastian Feller (FRA) ; Peter Svidler (RUS) ; Rauf Mamedov (AZE) ; Nikita Vitiugov ( RUS) ; Sergei Zhigalko (BLR) ; Dmtry Jakovenko (RUS) ;Anton Korobov (UKR); Ernesto Inarkiev (RUS) ; Evgeny Postny (ISR)                                                   7.5 pointers -------   Sergei Azarov ( BLR) ; Ildar Khairullin (RUS) ; Mikhail Kobalia (RUS) ; Namig Guliyev (AZE) ; Yaroslav Zherebukh (UKR) ; Alex Riazantsev (RUS) ; Viorel Iordachescu (MDA) ; Constantin Lupulescu (ROU) ; Luke Mc Shane (ENG) ; Daniel Fridman (GER) ;  Alexander Motylev (RUS).

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